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Buy Flowering and Fruit Trees in Sydney

treeTrees inject a sense of serenity, peacefulness and relaxation into the air. They provide a background to soften, complement and enhance buildings; they are used in landscaping to provide privacy, emphasise views, and reduce glare and reflection; and they improve our environment by moderating our climate, conserving water and harbouring wildlife. Camellia Park Nursery based in Sydney carries a range of different trees to suit all purposes.

Discover our Sydney fruit tree nursery

Fruit trees are becoming wildly popular in gardens and homes around Sydney. Not only do they look gorgeous and add to your atmosphere, but they also provide delicious, fresh fruit for you to snack on. From apple to citrus trees; pears, cherries and apricot-bearing plants, our fruit tree nursery features a wide array of options for all purposes and applications.  

Autumn and flowering trees to brighten your abode

Our nursery’s huge selection includes beautiful deciduous plants that feature glowing crimson and orange autumnal leaves, as well as flowering fruit trees to add a touch of magic and beauty to your Sydney space.

Peruse our list of trees below

Take a look through our extensive range of trees available at our Sydney plant and fruit tree nursery, along with our hedges, camellias and roses for sale! If you need help choosing the right plant to buy, our friendly team will gladly give you a helping hand!

Flowering Trees

Flowering AlmondsPrunus Amygdalus Crimson
Prunus Amygdalus Double Pink
Flowering Crab ApplesMalus floribunda
Malus Gorgeous
Malus ionensis Plena
Malus ionensis Alboplena
Flowering PeachPrunus Persica Alboplena
Prunus Persica Magnifica
Flowering ApricotsPrunus Mume Albo Plena
Prunus Mume Crimson
Flowering TreesLagerstroemia Crepe Myrle
Cotinus Coggygria Smoke Bush
Paulownia Tomentosa
Hymenosporum flavum Native frangipani
Calodendrum capense
Tristaniopsis laurina
Flowering PlumsPrunus Elvins
Prunus Nigra (purple leaves)
Prunus x blireana
Flowering CherriesPrunus shirofugan Albo Rosea
Prunus JH Veitch
Prunus Kanzan
Prunus Okame
MagnoliasMagnolia Elizabeth
Magnolia Felix
Magnolia Black Tulip
Magnolia Vulcan
Magnolia Little Gem
Magnolia grandiflora
Magnolia Exmouth
Magnolia soulangiana
Magnolia Ion
HawthornCrataegus Pauls Scarlet
Crataegus Rosea Plena
Flowering PearsPyrus Aristocrat
Pyrus ussuriensis
Pyrus Bradford
Pyrus Chanticleer
Pyrus Capital
Pyrus nivalis

Fruit Trees

ApricotsApricot Divinity
Apricot Moorpark
Apricot Trevatt
Berries and CurrantsBlackberry
Currant Black
Currant Red
CherriesCherry Lapins
Cherry Stella
Cherry Sunburst
GrapesGrape Black Muscat
Grape Sultana
Grape Waltham Cross
Grape Cabernet Sav
Grape Rhine Reisling
Granny Smith
Pink Lady
Red Delicious
Dwarf Gala
Dwarf Granny Smith
Dwarf Pink Lady
Dwarf Red Delicious
Nectarine and PeachNectarine Goldmine
Nectarine Flavourtop
Peach Anzac
Peach Flavourcrest
PlumsPlum Elephant Heart
Plum Mariposa
Plum Ruby Blood
Plum Satsuma
Plum Santa Rosa
PearsPear Baby Face
Pear Josephine
Pear Packhams Triumph
Pear Beurre Bosc
Pear Williams
Pear Nashi
Citrus TreesLemon Eureka
Lemon Meyer
Mandarin Emperor
Mandarin Imperial
Lime Tahitian
Lime Kaffir
Orange Washington Navel
Orange Valencia
Orange Blood
Persimmon Fuyu
Persimmon Nightingale

Autumn Colour and other Trees

Autumn Colour TreesAcer palmatum(Japanese Maple)
Acer Atropurpurea
Acer dissectum Seiryu
Acer Osakazuki
Acer Sango Kaku
Acer Crimson Century
Acer Fairview Flame
Acer October Glory
Acer Autumn Blaze
Claret Ash
Golden Ash
Golden Elm
Nyssa sylvatica
Pistacia chinensis
Pyrus Aristocrat
Pyrus ussuriensis(Manchurian Pear)
Pyrus Bradford
Pyrus Chanticleer
Pyrus Capital
Sapium sebiferum(Chinese Tallow)
Other Colour TreesAcer negundo pink flamingo
Acer negundo
Alnus jorullensis (Evergreen alder)
Betula pendula Alba(Birch)
Brachychiton acerifolia (Illawarra flame tree)
Brachychiton rupestris (Bottle tree)
Eucalyptus ‘Summer Beauty’(Grafted dwarf pink)
Eucalyptus ‘Summer Red’(Grafted dwarf red)
Fraxinus excelsior ‘Aurea’(Golden Ash)
Fraxinus griffithii(Evergreen Ash)
Gleditsia Ruby Lace
Gleditsia Shademaster
Gleditsia Sunburst
Platinus acerifolia London plane tree)
Populus alba x canescens(Grey Poplar)
Populus simonii (Non suckering Poplar)
Quercus palustris (Pin oak)
Robinia Casque Rouge
Robinia frisia (Golden Robinia)
Salix babylonica (Weeping willow)
Salix babylonica ‘Tortuosa’ (Contorted willow)
Schinus molle (Peppercorn tree)
Tristaniopsis laurina
Ulmus parvifolia (Chinese elm)

Weeping and Standard Trees

Weeping TreesWeeping Flowering Crab Apple
Weeping Flowering Apricot
Weeping Birch
Weeping Cherries
Weeping Flowering Peach
Weeping Flowering Pear
Weeping Elm
Weeping Mulberry
Weeping Ash
Weeping Maples
Standard Trees (Lolly Pop Shape)Mop top Robinia
STD Flowering Plum Nigra
STD Flowering Plum Elvins
STD Elm frosty
STD Maples
STD Crab Apples