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There are many species of camellias, but by far the most popular are the sasanqua and japonica varieties.

Camellia sasanqua are without a doubt the most beautiful of autumn flowers. Early autumn is when the blooms first appear and continue through to winter.

Sasanqua varieties are suitable for full sun to semi shade locations in gardens or pots. They also make a spectacular hedge or screen providing walls of colour when other plants have finished flowering.

Sasanqua varieties also make great topiary plants, standards and espalier.

Prune after flowering if required, before the spring growth appears, it is also time to fertilise. Camellias have a shallow root system, be careful not to over fertilise, as this may burn roots. Slow release fertiliser such as Nutricote is ideal for young plants. Camellias will also benefit from a feed in late summer.