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Hedging plants are used widely in landscaping as wind breaks, privacy screens, fences, and as formal elements in the garden such as borders or dividers to create different living sections. They can add shape and line to a garden as well as serve as a barrier to traffic. With so many purposes and so many varieties available, it’s no wonder that these trees and plants are such a popular gardening feature in homes all around Sydney and beyond, and we are committed to helping you achieve your greenery dreams too.

Discover our wide range of hedge trees and plants

There are many different hedging options available in the Australian market these days. Whether you want tall trees closely clustered together to create a high fence or short, opulent bushes building a small garden wall to frame your garden beds, we have got you sorted. Dark green and leafy, vibrant and bursting with flowers, or something subtle in size but big in golden hues, the suppliers at Camellia Park Nursery can cater to your exact needs when it comes to sourcing hedge plants in Sydney.

Which hedges are best for different purposes?

Of course, with so many different species available, choosing the right hedge plant for your property can often be an overwhelming experience. We have categorised our hedge trees and plants into several categories to help make the selection process less stressful for you.

Buxus varieties are used widely for low shrubberies while conifer trees are the ideal solution for creating higher hedging screens. Also consider native varieties such as the Lilly Pilly, with its delicate waxy leaves, flushes of dark pink growth and edible berries, as a great hedging alternative. Our recently released Hedge Hog range of Lilly Pillies are great products for hedging and screening varieties: Hedge Hog Charlie is great for hedge plants up to three metres, Hedge Hog Willie is perfect for screens up to two metres and Hedge Hog Harry is suitable for creating green walls up to one metre tall.

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We can offer free quotes on all of our plants, including our trees and roses, helping guide you towards the best option tailored to your specific budget. You can also rely on the expertise of our hedge suppliers to make sure you are investing in the right plants to create the perfect sized green screens for your home. Call Camellia Park Nursery in Sydney today and watch your garden spring to life.