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There are many species of camellias but by far the most popular and beautiful are the Camellia Sasanqua and Camellia Japonica. Camellias have their origins in Asia, China and Japan mainly. In this website we will treat species 'Heimalis' and 'Vernalis' as 'Sasanqua' as these are very similar in many respects. We will also treat all Camellia hybrids the same as 'Japonica' as culturally these are  very similar.


Camellias have a relatively small and shallow root system and generally do not cause problems in modern domestic situations. Camellias perform best when planted into well drained cultivated soils that are slightly acidic. They can tolerate dry periods once established and benefit greatly from mulching and regular watering in hot dry climates.


Light trimming can be performed any time during the growing season. Heavier pruning if required is best performed after flowering before the spring growth appears in late winter or early spring.


Good hygiene practices are advisable when pruning.  Diseases can be transferred from one plant to another by the sap that remains on the tools.

Start with clean sterile loppers or secateurs.  To avoid cross infection make sure you sterilise tools before moving onto the next plant. Tools can be sterilised by washing them in a solution of chlorine and water.


Feed young plants with slow release fertilisers such as Osmocote or Nutricote in late winter and late summer. Mature plants can tolerate organic fertilisers in moderate doses in late winter and late summer.


Strong fertilisers can damage the root system of camellias. Avoid planting camellia into heavy clay soils.  Start your camellias off in a raised bed, this way they will grow down into the clay without getting root rot.

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We grow many varieties of camellias all year round. Occasionally some varieties may not be ready for sale thus being unavailable.

Name Description
Beatrice Emily
Bert Jones Double mid pink large flower
Bonanza Small grower, double darkest pink almost burgundy
Cherie Double pink, profuse flowering
Day Dawn Bell
Early Pearly Double white
Hiryu Single dark pink yellow centre
Jennifer Susan Double soft/mid pink
Little Pearl
Lucinda Alba Peony form white/soft pink
Marge Miller Double pink ground cover
My Love Sarah NEW Semi double soft pink with dark pink edges
Name Description
Paradise Hilda Double mid pink
Paradise Blush Double white/pink blush
Paradise Pearl
Pure Silk Double white
Ruffled Pink Semi double pale /mid pink
Shishi Gashira Smaller grower semi double mid pink
Something Special Semi double white with pink edge
Sparkling Burgundy Double dark pink
Star Above Star Double champagne pink